What types of civil legal issues does CLS help with?

Colorado Legal Services (CLS) may be able to help with the general civil legal issues listed below, but even if you have one of these issues, there is no guarantee that CLS can help. Applicants must be eligible for CLS’ services, including financially eligible, and CLS must have resources (both staffing and financial resources) to be able to help.

  • Consumer – bankruptcy and debt – bankruptcy, debt collection, scams/rip-offs, credit/loans, utilities (water, electric, gas).
  • Employment and taxes – unemployment, some wage claim issues (no discrimination issues), issues w/ the IRS (exception – no tax preparation)
  • Family Law – issues related to domestic violence, divorce (depends on situation), legal separation, domestic partnerships, child custody, visitation, paternity and child support.
  • Health law, including Medicare and Medicaid problems – Medicaid, Medicare, VA Health Benefits
  • Housing – eviction, foreclosure, landlord/tenant, security deposits, section 8 vouchers
  • Public or government Benefits – TANF, AND, SSI, SSDI, veteran’s benefits, food stamps

Remember, even if you have one of these types of issues, there is no guarantee CLS will be able to help. You will have to apply to see whether you are eligible.